WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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Paradise Disposable Hose

This washable hose is 70" long and is very pliable. Each hose is packaged in a sealed bag and it comes with a mouth tip and a high quality grommet for easy fitting with...

Vapor Clear Hose

The Clear Hose by Vapor Hookahs is a washable thick plastic reusable hose. The handle is made of durable acrylic. Measures 74 inches in length. Easy to wash and clean....

MYA Freeze Hose

6' Long MYA Freeze Hose for Hookahs. The smoke is chilled as it passes through the hose using a non-toxic water capsule that you simply freeze and slide into the...

Deezer Ice Hose

Deezer Ice Hose comes with an 11 1/2 inch freezable handle for a cool smoke. Hose length is around 6 ft from end to end with the handle  

MYA Hose Wood Handle Regular

MYA Wooden tip hoses are made of the highest quality leather, they are uniquely designed with an interior stainless steel casting to make them more durable and to protect the hose...

Starbuzz Aluminum Hose

Starbuzz Aluminum Hose

MYA Freeze Silicone Hose

The Mya Freeze hose offers a chill smoking experience at 72" in length. The handle of the hose unscrews to fit one of the two provided water capsules which you...

Khalil Mamoon Rainbow Hose

Khalil Mamoon Rainbow Hose. This hose is developed by the Khalil Mamoon company in Egypt for the new generation of hookah smokers. While maintaining its trademark long handle Khalil Mamoon...

Starbuzz Maximus Hose

Introducing a washable hose with a thick handle, wide gauge, and high quality threading to make for an exceptional hose with an even more exceptional flow! Measurements:Handle- 21.5inLength- 81in
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